Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful drivers of economic and social change. Helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses will enable them to provide more employment opportunities to the communities, improve the economy of the country, and a positive social environment for humanity. We have been active in various community projects for decades. We are looking for team members that have the same passion as us. 


Your Required Skills
1. Highly Skilled Presenter and Negotiator 
2. Highly Independent and able to work with minimum supervision
3. Extensive networks and strong relationship with company owners

Your Responsibilities
1. Secure companies that are seeking to raise funds for the expansion of their business.
2. Secure the approval of the company owners per our investment terms before we meet them.

What are the Companies we are looking for?
1. Direct Marketing or Digital Marketing Companies = Current Yearly Sales above $5m / P250m
2. Education or Training Companies = Current Yearly Sales above $5m / P250m
(these are companies that can promote our products/services/course programs)

3. Healthcare / Medical / Pharma Companies = Current Yearly Sales above $20m / P1B
4. Food Manufacturing & Distribution = Current Yearly Sales above $20m / P1B
5. Other Companies = Current Yearly Sales above $60m / P3B

What do we offer to the Companies?
1. We will pay for the entire listing fees of the company.
2. We will assist the company in listing on the OTC or NASDAQ Markets.
3. We will provide the team to manage their listing from start to finish
(Accountant, Auditor, Securities Attorney, Market Makers, Brokers, etc. in the USA)
4. We will assist the company to raise funds after the approval of their listing.

What do we need from the Companies?
1. Latest Business Plan of the Company and its subsidiaries (if any)
2. Audited Financials for the past 3 years
3. Company Registrations and Permits

What do we receive from the Companies we invested in?
1. Shares in their listed company.
2. If there is NO listing - we will not receive anything
3. The Company can carry on with its business as usual. ZERO RISKS!
Read the full details HERE

What do you receive?
Cash and Shares upon the listing of each company.

How to Apply
Email Your Short Profile to - ceo (@) servebank.com
Only selected candidates will be notified