What do we invest in?

  • Active companies with experienced management, strong growth, and the potential to be market leaders.
  • Food Distribution, Food Manufacturing, and Healthcare related companies with annual revenues above $20 million.
  • Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, Franchise and Telemarketing Companies with annual revenues above $10 million.

What are our preferred companies?

We invest in companies that can provide great synergies and solutions to our current portfolios, creating win-win solutions for all parties. 
As such we prefer companies that are able to expand the market of our current portfolios and increase their own revenues at the same time.

What do we offer to the companies?

  • We will pay for the entire listing of the companies on the OTC or NASDAQ Markets, depending on their financial performance and other factors. 
  • We will provide the team (auditor, accountant, securities attorney, etc.) to manage the company's listing from start to finish (refer below to LISTING).
  • We will assist the companies to raise the funds through our network of qualified investors in Asia, Europe, and the USA (refer below to FUNDING)

How to apply?

  1. Submit your company profile Here
  2. We will review and arrange a meeting with you and your team
  3. We need copies of your latest business plan and past 3 years audited financials


How do we raise the funds?

Securities laws restrict how you can raise money for your business.
The general rule is that before taking money from an investor, even friends, and family,
you have to register your securities offering with the SEC by filing a form called an S-1.

We will raise funds by way of selling securities (shares) in your company after the approval of your S-1.
The next phase is to proceed with the listing (IPO) of your company on the OTC or NASDAQ Markets.


The Initial Public Offering (IPO) process is where a previously unlisted company sells new or existing securities and offers them to the public for the first time. Prior to an IPO, a company is considered to be private – with a smaller number of shareholders, limited to accredited investors (like angel investors/venture capitalists and high net worth individuals) and/or early investors (for instance, the founder, family, and friends). After an IPO, the issuing company becomes a publicly listed company on a recognized stock exchange. Thus, an IPO is also commonly known as “going public”.

How do we list a company?

  1. We will provide the team comprising auditor, accountant, securities attorney, market maker, broker, etc.
  2. We will pay for the entire listing fees of your company and manage your listing from start to finish.
  3. We will receive shares in your listed company, in lieu of our investment in your company.

Read details of the listing Here