What are the companies we invest in

1. Direct Marketing Companies
2. Education / Training Companies
3. Healthcare / Medical / Pharma Companies
4. Food Manufacturing / Food Distribution / Franchise
5. Asset Management / Brokerage / Finance / Micro-Finance / REITs
6. Other Companies depending on their management, current revenues, growth potential, etc.

We currently focus on companies with current revenues and assets above $10 million.

What is the information we need from the company?
1. Latest Business Plan of the Company and its subsidiaries (if any)
2. Audited Financials for the past 3 years
3. Company Registrations and Permits

How do we invest in a company?
1. We will pay for the entire listing fees of the company.
2. We will provide the team to manage their listing of the company from start to finish.
(Accountant, Auditor, Securities Attorney, Market Makers, Brokers, etc. in the USA)
3. We will assist the company to raise funds after the approval of their quotation or listing.

What are Equity Investors?
Banks and moneylenders give loans in return for monthly interest from the companies.
Equity Investors invest in companies in return for shares (equity) in the companies.

What do we receive from the company we have invested in?
1. We will receive shares in the company after the approval of its S-1 / Quotation  / Listing. 
2. We will not receive anything if the company do not receive the above approvals.


The IPO (Initial Public Offering) process is where a private company registers with the SEC to be quoted or listed on the OTC Markets, NASDAQ, or other stock exchanges. Upon approval of their listing, the company becomes a public company and sells its shares to accredited investors (like angel investors/venture capitalists and high net worth individuals) and/or early investors (for instance, the founder, family, and friends). Thus, an IPO is also commonly known as “going public”.

How do we list a company?

  1. We will provide the team comprising auditor, accountant, securities attorney, market maker, broker, etc.
  2. We will pay for the entire listing fees of the company and manage the listing from start to finish.
  3. We will receive shares in the company in lieu of our investment in the company.
  4. Read details of the listing Here


How do we raise the funds?

Securities laws restrict how companies can raise money for their business.
The general rule is that before taking money from an investor, even friends, and families,
the companies have to register their securities offering with the SEC by filing a form called an S-1.

We will raise funds by selling securities (shares) in the companies after the approval of the S-1 or listing.

How to apply?

  1. Submit your company profile Here
  2. We will review and arrange a meeting with you and your team
  3. We need copies of your latest business plan and past 3 years audited financials