Delex Healthcare Group, Inc. (DHG) is involved in the distribution of medical and healthcare products in Asia. DHG owns and operates Delex Pharma International, Inc. (DELEX) located in Manila, Philippines. DELEX is currently marketing seventeen (17) drugs in the Philippine market. DELEX has three (3) company-owned and trademarked brands duly registered at the Intellectual Property of the Philippines (IPOPH), namely: Ceftrex Ceftriaxone Sodium, Dobulex, and Norepin. DELEX also holds Certificates of Product Registrations (CPR) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Department of Health (DOH) of the Philippines for five (5) pharmaceutical products as follows: Ceftazin, Ceftrex Ceftriaxone Sodium, Dobulex, Nicardilex, and Norepin. Most of these products are either market leaders or second leading branded generics. DELEX distributes to more than 600 hospitals in the Philippines.

COMPANY Delex Healthcare Group, Inc. (DHG)
WEBSITE www.delexpharma.com
ADDRESS Lot 4 Block 4 Carnation Street corner Magnolia Street, Barangay Sauyo, Quezon City 1116, Philippines
SERVEBANK has signed an agreement with DHG to secure its quotation on the OTC Markets.
DHG has signed an agreement with SERVEBANK to invest in companies with strong growth potentials, robust revenues, significant profits, proven track records, and promising business models with highly experienced management teams that will exceptionally qualify for quotation and or listing on the OTC and or NASDAQ markets within the next 3 years. DHG aims to achieve a market value of over $500 Million within the next 3 years of  its successful quotation on OTC Markets.
(1) Develop marketing strategies and programs geared toward remote and online promotion (2) Launch Online Pharmacy. DELEX will play in a niche market as there are only a few drugstores in the Philippines who are offering such services of free delivery within Metro Manila. This will directly cater to patients’ needs not only for DELEX’s products but will also establish a complete line of product offerings from ethical to OTC products. (3) Grow Distribution Business through a partnership with other Pharma companies to market or distribute their products (4) Strengthen Business Development to launch medical device business and others. New and incoming manufacturing partners will strengthen the supply chain management and product pipeline of which negotiations with these companies started a year ago. (5) Launched New Products in the medical device business and look for other business opportunities in other therapeutic classes, from ethical to OTC products.