When did we start the community programs?

It was started 20 years ago by our Chairman, Paul Hata. He delivers newspapers since age ten and works part-time since then to support himself. He understood the importance of education and decided to focus on being a successful entrepreneur so that he can provide free education to children, orphans, and the disadvantaged in rural communities.

He started a media company in his early 20s and became a millionaire in his late 20s. The media company he founded generates millions in revenues in a few short years and highly profitable. The company receives strategic investments from Citicorp (Citibank). He began to learn about investments, acquisitions, and public listing from the investment bankers and investors he work with. He fully understood what it takes to start and grow a business, what the business owners need, and what investors want. 

He is a serial entrepreneur that focuses on companies with experienced management, solid revenues, strong growth, and the potential to be market leaders. Most importantly, their success would provide employment opportunities to the communities, improve the economy of the country, and bring greater social change to humanity.

What are the community programs that we do now?

Our program has since expanded to education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

Why don’t we publicize our community programs?

We do not seek publicity or personal glory. We do it for God and humanity.